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Located just North of Kansas City in the small historic town of Weston, MO, Touchwork of Weston Massage Therapy provides professional massage therapy services in the peaceful, healing environment of a beautiful Victorian cottage. Touchwork of Weston Massage Therapy has served the area as a full-time practice since 1998, has received numerous awards and has been recognized in national publications as one of the premier providers within the massage therapy profession.
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From general relaxation and couples massage to working with clients immediately following major surgery, owners Kirk and Julie have the experience and expertise to assist you in improving and maintaining your wellness and quality of life. Reduce your stress, relief your pain and restore your health in a relaxing effortless way. Begin your journey toward better health by calling today to reserve your appointment time. Don't forget to ask about our on-site services and education presentation!
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Educational Services

Unlike so many other presenters who only share information specific to their own trademarked technique, HITT specializes in strategy-based education. Instead of giving therapists just one more 'recipe', we prefer to explore what, how and why things actually do or do not work. Our goal is to empower therapists with the knowledge, wisdom and critical thinking skills needed to create their own personal strategies for successfully serving their clients.
Educational Services

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