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On-Site & Expert Witness Services

On-site massage services

On-Site Services

Touchwork of Weston Massage Therapy is an elite practice that caters to clients who appreciate quality service and stellar results, and has been recognized in numerous national trade publications as a premier provider of on-site massage therapy services. Whether the setting is a convention, a special event, a sporting event or the workplace, we can provide massage therapists who are licensed, thoroughly trained and possess exceptional people skills - both locally and around the nation. All TWW therapists maintain professional liability insurance for your protection.

In addition to their massage therapy expertise, owners Kirk and Julie Nelson have extensive backgrounds in both fine-dining management and the performing arts, which give them a unique professional understanding of people skills and public awareness. This translates to a worry-free service for their clients.

Our on-site teams provide no-oil massage sessions using specifically designed chairs or tables in which the recipient is fully clothed. The typical chair session covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms; leaving the recipient feeling rested and energized; ready to take on the world once again. Sessions are generally 10-15 minutes in length and can be easily adjusted to meet demand. The table sessions are similar to the chair sessions, but add the ability to easily address low back, leg and feet discomfort. TWW massage therapists also have the skills to customize sessions to meet individual special needs. Traditional table sessions using linen and oil can be made available as a special amenity for VIPs, given appropriate accommodations.

Over the years, our diverse client list has included such entities as the American Academy of Family Physicians, Kansas City Royals, Visit KC, Aspen Club & Spa, Newhouse Women's Shelter, NCAA athletic teams, Harley Davidson, American Welding Society, Worlds of Fun, St. Luke's Hospital and many, many others. Kirk was even flown out to the Pentagon to advise and train the team of therapists working with the rescue and recovery workers following the 9/11 attack.

Conventions and Special Events

We understand that event planners spend a lot of time, money and resources in an effort to ensure a positive experience for their clients. But we all have first-hand knowledge of the physical stress that comes from traveling, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, sitting through long lectures and / or standing on convention floors all day. Add to that the emotional stress of meetings, networking and negotiations and that positive experience you worked so hard for can diminish rapidly. We help minimize or eliminate these distractions, allowing your attendees, exhibitors, and / or staff to focus their attention on your wonderful event.

From small family gatherings to international conventions, no event is too small or too large. Don't forget to ask us how our services can be provided at no cost to the event!
On-site massage service

Sporting Events

Event sports massage services are a great fit for any sporting events. Our professional massage teams help keep you in the game utilizing their advanced training in specific techniques clinically proven to increase performance, reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery time and assist in controlling delayed muscle soreness.

Whether used as pre-event or post-event the day of competition, or as part of an ongoing training program, rest assured that you are in the best of hands. Our experience ranges from working charity rides / runs to national championship triathlons and from youth soccer / softball teams to NCAA athletic teams.

The Workplace

Successful businesses invest a lot of time, money and resources in an effort to ensure a positive and productive environment. But we all have first-hand knowledge of the physical stress that comes not only from manual labor, but also from spending long hours in front of a computer, behind the wheel of a car, sitting through educational seminars and / or standing on convention floors all day. Add to that the emotional stress of meetings, deadlines and negotiations and that productive environment they worked so hard to create can diminish rapidly.

Our on-site therapists help minimize or eliminate these distractions, allowing the workforce to focus their attention on business goals. As early as 1996, even brief chair massages were clinically proven to "reduce anxiety and enhance EEG patterns or alertness and math computations". In a nutshell, better productivity! Add to that the ability to reduce the number of workman's comp claims, and that translates to an improved bottom line.

With no start-up cost, no equipment to buy, and no training needed by the participant, our services are a very low-cost investment with a track record of a high return. Services can also be adapted to meet your specific situation and goals: in conjunction with health fairs, rewards program, appreciation event or on-going wellness program. Contact us to set up a complimentary presentation / demonstration.


Due to the variety of locations, services and hours of our on-site services, prices are quoted on an individual basis. We would be happy to provide a complementary proposal for you upon request.

Expert Witness Services:

Kirk's vast experience in a variety of different settings within the massage profession, combined with his educational focus on ethics, gives him a unique skill set to serve as an expert witness for legal cases dealing with massage practitioners or businesses accused of inappropriate actions. Upon a review of the case, Kirk uses his expertise to compose responses that assist attorneys in presenting a logical and factual argument.


$125 / Hour + Expenses and Lost Income for Travel if Necessary

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